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Worldly Infused Tacos & Specialty Margaritas

Marg"s Taco Bistro has a vast menu of culinary delights, utilizing the freshest ingredients to bring homemade dishes straight to your dinner table. Due to Covid-19 our dine experience is still to be determined.   


Who We Are

Inspired by travel and a passion for different cultures, Marg's Taco Bistro opened up in the summer of 2010. With the goal to put a new twist on the traditional taco & margarita. Our Owner & Founder Kevin Sloane is based out of Truckee, California, where our first location was established. Kevin Sloane has since then brought his restaurant idea to the Denver area, and has successfully opened up two locations alongside our Co-Owner Dave McBride. Together they have made it their mission to create a unique restaurant with an open bar & patio feel influenced by their love for modern global cuisine. In keeping with our philosophy of modern global cuisine Margs Taco Bistro offers everything found in our name - a variety of tasty Margaritas, an assortment of worldly infused tacos and a casually modern bistro with a bar. Our garage door patio bar creates a breezy, relaxed atmosphere and is lined with fresh mint, basil, and fresh fruit for all of out infusions, signature Margaritas and specialty cocktails.

The ambiance at Margs is unlike anywhere else with its intriguing lighting, modern art and a great contemporary feel. Sit down at one of our comfortable locations and enjoy a meal, or gather with drinks around one of our stand-up tables.

We're known for our fun and unique fusion tacos, with options such as Pesto Caprese, Mahi Mahi, Korean Pork, Traditional Pork Pastor and Chicken Vindaloo. Our fresh tortillas are hand-pressed in house, and we use only the best quality ingredients available.

Stop in for dinner or carry out today!


Order Out

If you’d like to order for carry out, family bulk sizes or catering get in touch today!

LoDo - 1519 Wynkoop St, Denver, CO 80202, USA

Cherry Creek - 200 Fillmore St. Denver, CO 80206, USA

(303) 534-6274 (Lodo) or (303) 321-6274 (Cherry Creek)


Our Appetizers & Soups & Salads

Margs Taco Bistro is a one-of-a-kind culinary establishment with a menu inspired by the idea of simple and honest cooking. Starting in 2010, we developed a unique dining experience for all of our guests using fresh and sustainable ingredients—taking you on a culinary journey like no other.

From classic recipes to new-age kitchen adventures, each dish reflects our passion for high-quality food presented in a simple yet pleasing manner. Dive right in, and take a bite; join us today.


Our Entrees 

Our Entrees

Margs Taco Bistro was founded by a team of like-minded foodies; a group of friends who have always liked to eat, drink, and create amazing food together. Our hobby quickly led us to opening this Mexican Restaurant, a place where people from all over San Francisco can meet to enjoy our special dishes and comfortable atmosphere.

Freshness and creativity are our favorite ingredients. Our menu is varied and the service is unmatched. If you’re looking for a superb culinary experience, call us today to make a reservation!


Featured Margaritas

Marg for Every Mood


Fresh Margaritas 

Many restaurants have their own take on the traditional margarita recipe, but we are confident ours is the best. Our specialty infused margaritas always prepared to perfection. Share it with friends or have it all to yourself—you’ll enjoy it till the very last drink!

Specialty Tacos 

Our customers’ favorites day or night, hands down are our worldly infused tacos. Don’t forget to ask your server about our special extras!


Tequila Infused In-house 

Simplicity is the name of the game: we use the freshest ingredients and infused our quality Tequilas in house to create all of our signature margaritas. Flavors such as Habanero, Jalapenos & Vanilla Bean to name a few. Margaritas flavors change seasonally, keep an eye out for menu changes online & on social media.

Tequila Selection 

We pride ourselves on our wide variety of Tequila selection. Our owners take year round tequila tastings to ensure we have quality tequila in all of our locations. Our staff is completely knowledgeable and happy to answer all questions & inform you on your tequila selection.


To learn more about our menu and what we can do for you—get in touch.


Carry Out Until Further Notice

Covid - 19 Limited Hours

Monday - Saturday 

11 am to 8 pm 

Closed Sundays

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(303) 534-6274 (Lodo) or (303) 321-6274 (Cherry Creek)

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